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Teig Visual Calisthenics - Sports Vision Training Kit

Item #: TEIGVCK+

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The Teig Visual Calisthenics Sports Vision Kits were designed by Dr. Donald Teig, OD, FAAO -- a Sports Vision Expert and founder of The A-Team, High Performance Vision Associates ( . He is the past chairman of the Sports Vision Section of the American Optometric Association where he received Sports Vision Specialist of the Year honors. Dating back to the mid-1980s, Dr. Don Teig pioneered work in Sports Vision and Visual-Motor Performance Training with Major League Baseball. Subsequently, Dr. Teig and his associates would have the opportunity to work with ten major league baseball clubs, the men and women's pro golf and tennis tours, several NBA basketball clubs, many Olympic teams, teams in professional football and hockey, as well as the dancers in the Joffrey Ballet. His patient files are a virtual Who's Who in the sports, entertainment, business and political arenas.

According to Dr. Teig, there are several facts that we can identify in our efforts to understand the role that vision plays in sports.

They are as follows:
• Vision is the key skill in most sports.
• All sports are different and have different visual demands.
• Individuals have unique visual systems.
• The basic principle is that the visual system guides the motor system.
• The more quickly and accurately the visual system processes information determines athletic success.

Dr. Teig refers to this training process "Visual-Neurocognitive-Motor Training" and categorizes the three stages in this training process as follows:
• Visual Calisthenics
• Visual-Motor Programming
• Visualization Skills and Positive Imagery

Dr. Teig worked with Bernell to assemble comprehensive Sports Vision equipment packages aimed at assisting professionals with the initial phase of the training process, Visual Calisthenics, which addresses the basic functional visual skills that we need to achieve success in our particular athletic endeavor. This stage demands excellence in oculomotor pursuits, saccades, accommodation, convergence, anti-suppression, binocularity, and depth perception. These equipment packages aim to meet these needs while also providing significant discounts over the regular cost of purchasing the individual items included, so as to help Sports Vision professionals as they add these services to their practice.

To learn more about Visual Calisthenics or Visual-Neurocognitive-Motor Training, you can contact Dr. Teig by email at Additionally, for current or new members of the A-Team, an additional discount has been added to the packages. You must be a new, or active member of the A-Team in order to receive the discounted pricing.

Teig Visual Calisthenics - Sports Vision Training Kit Includes:

Item # Description
BARCSET Accommodative Rock Set
BC1319 Large Reader & Training Chart - Red/Green Unit
BCTECC1 Contrast E Training Chart Set
HCBT1 Bernell's Bull's Eye Chain (Single)
BC1190E Bernell's Deluxe Reversible Goggles with Elastic
BC1189 Bernell's New Age Model Frames with Temples
BC1050BK Aperture Rule™ Trainer Kit
BSPDTC50 Sports Brock String (5PK)
BC1092 Physiological-Diplopia Cord™ - 20FT 12PK
BC1270SET BC1270SET - Flippers (6 Piece Set) +/- 0.25 | 0.50 | 1.00 | 1.50 | 2.00 | 2.50
MARSBL1 Soft White Marsden Ball
MB1234RG Red/Green Marsden Ball with 4 Fonts Sizes
BC114820 Standard Flat Prism Goggle with 20PD Prisms
BC50K Fixed Demands Tranaglyph™ Complete Kit 50 Series
BC11K Bernell Necklace 3D Variable Tranaglyph™ Kit
BC1003 Dual Polachrome™ Illuminated Holder
HPVBK High Performance Vision by Dr. Donald Tieg

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