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Senaptec Swift Touch (with Standard Static Wall Mount)

Item #: SWT-721

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A modern light board designed to work on eye-hand coordination, center/peripheral vision coordination, go/no-go, split attention, visual memory and reaction time.

For training and healthcare professionals seeking a portable and economical option for widefield sensory training. The Swift Touch has four built-in training modules; Eye-hand Coordination, Go-No/Go, Split Attention and Eye-hand Coordination with Decay Features. Each module is fully customizable to create individual programming. Additional settings are added on a regular basis and come as free updates over a WiFi connection.

The robust 4x4 ft carbon fiber board is designed to provide tactile feedback. It is controlled with an easy to navigate mobile device that is connected to the Senaptec cloud-based analytics program. After each session a detailed performance scorecard is generated providing instant results, including a comparative progress report utilizing the large Senaptec demographic database and more.


The board consists of 72 LED buttons arranged in an offset concentric pattern on a 4x4 ft. carbon fiber board with a Kevlar finish. Large enough to engage the full range of upper extremity motion and the peripheral field of view.

The button color, geographic frequency, response time, and feedback are all adjustable settings. The buttons can be pressed with the fingers or the palms, but do not respond simply by swiping across them, a press is required.

The unit runs a cloud-based application that stores user data and can show trends/comparison over time. The system is controlled by an on-board smartphone (included). There is no need to attach peripheral computers in this complete solution.


EYE-HAND COORDINATION to train fast and accurate hand movement based on what you see.

GO/ NO GO to train motion inhibition in response to new information.

SPLIT ATTENTION to train the ability to multitask, spatial awareness, and to perform better under cognitive stress.

EYE-HAND COORDINATION W/ DECAY FEATURES is a module that adds a cognitive element to the standard eye-hand coordination task. Lights appear and decay over time, teaching you to develop a mental spacial map and strategize in real time how to move your body most efficiently.


  • 4x4 ft. durable carbon fiber board with Kevlar finish (35 lbs.)
  • Android mobile controller device with customizable four training modules
  • Standard wall plug
  • Static wall mount
  • One year manufacturer's defect warranty
  • SWT-721 - Senaptec Swift Touch with Standard Static Wall Mount

    Bernell Pay As It Earns™ Lease Program Terms:

    • Down Payment Due: $995+ Shipping & Tax (if applicable)
    • Lease Term: 24 months
    • Monthly Payment: $313.59/month

    SWT-721 - Senaptec Swift Touch with Standard Static Wall Mount

    Bernell Pay As It Earns™ Lease Program Terms:

    • Down Payment Due: $995 + Shipping & Tax (if applicable)
    • Lease Term: 12 months
    • Monthly Payment: $606.03/month

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