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Senaptec Sensory Tablet

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Item #: SST-201


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The Senaptec Tablet brings much of the capability of the full Senaptec Sensory Station to a small, portable and convenient form factor. It has a 13.3" screen with HD (1080p) resolution, HDMI interface, and 4 hour battery life. The Senaptec Tablet is a custom designed hardware solution to ensure data accuracy and integrity. We do not rely on standard commercial tablets to run our assessments because every screen and output is different. We want to ensure your results are right!

This convenient, portable option allows you to get many of the outstanding features of the Senaptec Sensory Station but at a fraction of the cost! Begin offering assessments of athletes in your practice to discover how they compare visually to other athletes their age, sport and position, or discover how they compare to athletes at the next level! Analyze their strengths and weaknesses and develop a training plan to help get them to the next level! This is a must-have tool for any office serious about Sport Vision!

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Comprehensive Assessment Tool:

The Senaptec Tablet currently can perform 7 of the 10 assessments of the full Senaptec Sensory Station. And, just like the full sensory station, we provide automated assessments at distance.

Visual Clarity – how clearly you see distant details (at distance)
Contrast Sensitivity – how accurately you judge differences in contrast (at distance)
Depth Perception – how accurately you judge depth information (at distance)
Near Far Quickness – how quickly you change attention between distances (at distance)
Perception Span – how quickly you visually acquire critical information
Reaction Time – how quickly your hand reacts to a visual signal
Multiple Object Tracking – how accurately you track objects moving in space with distractions


Take the Senaptec Sensory Station Tablet on the go! You can easily perform assessments off-site and provide immediate performance feedback. The Senaptec Tablet will automatically generate a report based on the 7 (or subset of 7) assessments that you run which you can show locally or have emailed as a PDF.


With the Senaptec Tablet you have access to the full data analytics, allowing you to compare results to a multitude of athletes in different sports, positions, and level. The tablet is also designed to allow for training modules if you want to work with an athlete on specific skills.

Sensory Training Application

The Senaptec Sensory Training Application provides tools designed to improve visual and sensorimotor skills. This application is a separate program from the Senaptec Sensory Application, which is used to asses sensory performance. When connected to the internet, the two applications will be linked in the cloud.
There are currently 7 tools are being offered in the Senaptec Sensory Training app:
Eye Hand Coordination – Designed to train the speed and accuracy of visually guided hand response to rapidly changing target.
Go No Go – Designed to train quickness and accuracy of decision making in pressure situations.
Dynamic Vision – Designed to train dynamic visual acuity.
Perception Training – Designed to train speed and span perception.
Multiple Object Tracking – Designed to train the ability to track the movement of multiple objects at the same time.
Depth Perception Training – Designed to improve sensitivity to depth information.
Near Far Quickness Training – Designed to improve the ability to quickly shift your focus between near and far objects.


13.3" screen with HD (1080p) resolution tablet, touch screen remote control device, one pair of red/blue glasses, one pair of red/blue clip-on glasses, stand and tablet mount, and subscription to the full cloud based database of athlete comparisons*.

*Database access requires a signed user agreement with Senaptec at the time of purchase.
Please contact our Customer Service at to request a lease contract.

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