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Optec PLUS Smart Vision Screener

Item #: SOC8600+

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The Stereo Optical OPTEC PLUS all-in-one digital vision screener enables quick, thorough and repeatable results in the pre-test room, saving valuable time in the exam lane.

New features include a user-friendly interface, an expanded library of tests with limitless customization including auto-mode, randomization and protocols.

• Testing distances: Near, Far and intermediate
• Monocular and Binocular
• Lighting conditions: day / night
• Constant and homogeneous luminance levels with controlled lighting in accordance with the international standard
• Multiple language options available
• No training or certification needed
• Lightweight and portable
• Tablet, laptop, or personal computer (PC)

Note: OPTEC PLUS PG enables running tests under the glare condition.

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The OPTEC PLUS test library is designed to fit all your needs

Preliminary tests
Loss of accommodation, Visual acuity:
letters / numbers / Landolts / Snellen / E-Tumbling / ETDRS

Refractive tests
Ametropia Red/Green, Astigmatism, Latent Hyperopia, Fusion,Lateral and Vertical phorias, Depth Perception

NON Refractive tests
Color tests / Contrast sensitivity tests

Additional tests
HOTV tests, Road sign recognition, Allen tests

Horizontal peripheral Vision test
Stimuli at 55°, 60°, 70°, 80°, 85°, 90° and 100° temporal, 45° nasal

EASY to use and intuitive interface

    • Control your test on a single screen
    • Select your test conditions in 1 click
          • Night and Day
          • Monocular L and R, Binocular
          • Far, Intermediate, Near distance selection
          • Random
    • Change your selection at any time

CUSTOMIZATION: Creating your own protocol is simple

    • Design and record your own protocol that fits your patient needs:
          • Optometry screening
          • Occupational Medicine
          • Driver Rehabilitation
          • Sports/Athletics
          • F.A.A
          • Public Health, Primary Care
          • Schools, Pediatrics
    • Modify your preset protocols during screening
    • All tests can be randomized

AUTOMATIC MODE*: Increase the efficiency of your patient flow and save time in the exam lane

    • With this unique feature, tests can be:
          • Self-administered by the patient or
          • Delegated to your staff
    • Text to speech technology guides patient through the test, freeing you from repetitive tasks
    • Multiple language options
    • Preset auto-mode protocols
    • The OPTEC PLUS records the patient results for you

CONNECTIVITY: Get all the advantages of a smart device

    • Digital records in pdf file that can be printed, extracted and exported:
    • EMR compatibility to ease your data transfer
    • Operated and monitored on:
          • Desktop computer (PC)
          • Laptop
          • Tablet
    • Wireless connectivity: Bluetooth


Dimensions: 19" x 11.15" x 17.95"
Weight: 14.7 Lbs
Input: 100-240V , 50 - 60 Hz
Output: 24 DC, 2.1 A (50W)
Compliant to: CE, FDA, FCC and ISO 16284 standards
Classification: Class 1 Medical device without measurement function

PC Requirements:

• Processor Dual core 1,8GHz minimum
• Microsoft windows XP Sp3 minimum, 7 or vista pro or familial, 8 & 8.1 (x86 or x64) 10, 8 RT not compliant
• Ram 2Gb DDR2 minimum
• Screen 1280x768
• 2Go hard disk for the software
• 1 port USB 2.0 High speed or Native Bluetooth

As improvements are made, these specifications and pictures are not contractually binding and may be changed without prior notice.

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