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Senaptec Synchrony Pro

Item #: SATP-201
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  • Senaptec Synchrony Pro
  • Senaptec Synchrony Pro

  • Item #: SAT-502-PRO

  • $999.00

  • Button Trigger
  • Button Trigger

  • Item #: SAT-BUTTON

  • $74.95

  • Pistol Trigger
  • Pistol Trigger

  • Item #: SAT-PISTOL

  • $79.95

  • Foot Trigger
  • Foot Trigger

  • Item #: SAT-FOOT

  • $84.95

  • Additional Light Strip - 150 LEDs (5 meter length)
  • Additional Light Strip - 150 LEDs (5 meter length)

  • Item #: SAT-LED

  • $109.95

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Anticipation timing is an essential skill you rely on every day. Shaking hands or giving a high five requires moving muscles at just the right time. The simple act of catching a ball requires your eyes to track motion, your brain to judge distance, speed, and trajectory, and your muscles to move in time with the ball's arrival. The Senaptec Synchrony provides an effective and fun solution engineered to sharpen and refine these judgement calls - both in sport and in everyday life.

Why go Pro? The Synchrony Pro travels beyond the capabilities of the standard Synchrony, with the Proximity Sensor serving as the golden ticket to a personalized experience. The Proximity Sensor activates based on sound, motion, or breaking a light beam, delivering excellent accuracy and removing training limitations. To illustrate, a baseball player could activate the Proximity Sensor when swinging a bat over the device. The result? A breakthrough experience that allows the user to train their anticipatory response while performing the motion in their competition setting.

This brand-new patented technology is the first of its kind. Designed to train eye-hand timing, responsiveness, and accurate judgment of moving objects, the Senaptec Synchrony uses LED lights to simulate motion. Each module is customizable to create individual programming. After each session, a detailed performance scorecard is generated. Instant results and access to the Senaptec cloud-based demographic database provide on-the-spot, comparative feedback.

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The Synchrony Pro uses moving LED lights along a light strip to train responsiveness and anticipatory timing. The tool has multiple modules to provide solutions for an array of training needs. Simply select a module on the app, adjust the settings to your needs and press start. After each session a detailed performance scorecard is generated, providing instant results including a comparative progress report utilizing the Senaptec demographic database. Currently, Synchrony Pro provides the following modules: Timing, Go/No-Go, Chase, Saccade, Split-Motion, and Tennis. More are in the works!

When using the Timing Module, the goal is to stop the moving (green) light as close to the fixed (white) light as possible. The user can select their trigger of choice, however, the Proximity Sensor allows for the most versatility. After the drill, the user can see where they fare in terms of accuracy. The LED light strip will display the following results:

• White light shows the target
• Green lights show your actual results
• Red light shows the average result

The Synchrony Pro is controlled with an easy to navigate mobile app compatible with Android phones 7.0 and higher. The Synchrony Pro controller has a built-in button trigger. Other trigger devices such as hand and foot triggers are also available, as well as the Senaptec phone app. *Phone is not included. Device requires an Android phone.


  • Proximity trigger
  • Button trigger
  • Android mobile app
  • 15' (Five meter), 150 LED light strip
  • Powered through the phone via USB cable connection. (There is also a power port on the button device.)
  • The LED light strip can be shortened or additional strips can be added
  • Call Toll Free 1-800-348-2225 or (574) 259-2070

    Fax to (574) 259-2102 or (574) 259-2103