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Tumbling "E" Visual Acuity Chart 3 Meters

Item #: PV2304US

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Useful for preliterate or illiterate patients.

Can be wall-mounted.

Includes two smaller sections for repetitive eyesight testing.

Helpful 20 foot equivalents.

Tumbling E optotypes were developed in 1976 by Taylor. The Tumbling or Illiterate E optotypes are the closest optotypes to gratings. Also, Tumbling E tests have the best acuity thresholds and are one of the most reliable of the alternative visual acuity charts.

Useful for preliterate or illiterate patients.

Great for vision screening in multiple languages.

Helpful 20 foot equivalents. The Tumbling E test uses a single optotype

The Tumbling E test uses a single optotype in four different positions; up, down, left and right. By using a single symbol optotype, this eye test can be administered to several different groups of people, including children, illiterate adults, non-speaking adults, and patients not familiar with the Roman alphabet. The patient will only have to signal which direction the E is facing.

Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions:17 × 11 × 1 in
Translucent Chart: Yes
MassVAT Chart: No
Cord: No
Chart Size (Inches): 9×14 in
Chart Notations - 10 foot: 10/50 to 10/8
Chart Notations - Snellen: 20/100 to 20/16
Chart Size (cm): 23×35.5 cm
ETDRS Format: No
Utilize with which Cabinet: 914/930
Utilize with a Cabinet: Yes
Contrast Level: High
Patient Type: General/Literate, Preliterate
Optotype Arrangement: Fixed-Non-Log Size/Spacing
Optotype: TUMBLING E
Testing Distance: 3m / 10ft

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