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Preschool Screening Battery Kit

Item #: PSBKIT

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Preschool Screening Battery

This screening battery is designed to detet vision problems in the pre-school population. It includes a test for visual acuity, eye alignment, binocular funtcion, farsightedness, lazy eye (amblyopia), and more. Utilizing new test such as the school bus test, this screening test for a great number of problems in a short period of time. This screening battery of test was designed for use by school personnel of members of service clubs such as Lions or Kiwanis with minimal training.

Many test are pass/fail


• BWT - Broken Wheel Test
• BC1284150 - Hyperopia Flipper 1.50
• CVT1 - Color Vision Test Made Easy (CVTME)
• BC204P - Single End Black Cupped Occluder
• BCDI - HOTV Distance Acuity Chart
• BESTD1 - Bernell Evaluation of Stereopsis Test
• BCNIE - Illiterate Near Point Card with Elastic
• BC1275VF - Vergence Facility Prism Flipper (6PD BO & 1.5PD BI)
• BCSBS - School Bus Test
• BS528FL - 3 Figure Flashlight with Deluxe Reversible Red/Green Glasses
• Manual

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