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OrCam MyEye

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Designed for Patients Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

OrCam MyEye is a revolutionary voice-activated device that attaches to virtually any glasses. It can instantly read to you text from a book, smartphone screen, or any other surface, recognize faces, help you shop on your own, work more efficiently, and live a more independent life! OrCam MyEye conveys visual information audibly, in real-time and offline.

OrCam MyEye is suitable for all eye conditions and all levels of vision loss, as well as for people with reading fatigue and reading difficulties. The device increases independence by allowing individuals to access visual information (text, faces, products, colors, money notes), conveyed by audio. It will not improve a person's vision. Hearing impaired individuals would not be able to benefit from the device. OrCam MyEye also requires the user to have full control over their head and hand movements.

Life-Changing Features:

  • Read Text: Including: newspapers, books, menus, signs, product labels and screens.
  • Recognize Faces Real time identification of faces is seamlessly announced.
  • Identify Products Identification of products, enabling an independent shopping experience.
  • Recognize Barcodes: Easily identify items from the refrigerator, as OrCam MyEye recognizes thousands of barcodes.
  • Recognize Money: Money recognition so you can shop with confidence.
  • Identify Colors: Easily select a matching outfit with color identification

  • Key Messages:

  • OrCam Technologies, a leader in personal AI artificial vision innovation, unveils 'next level AI' features of OrCam MyEye - the world's most advanced wearable assistive technology device.
  • OrCam MyEye reads printed and digital text aloud - from any surface - and seamlessly recognizes faces, products and more, all in real time.
  • Magnetically mounted on the wearer's eyeglasses or sunglasses frame, OrCam MyEye is the only wearable artificial vision tech that is activated by an intuitive pointing gesture or simply by following the wearer's gaze - allowing for hands-free use without the need of a smartphone or Wi-Fi.
  • Wireless, lightweight, intuitive operation - compacted into a device the size of a finger.
  • OrCam MyEye delivers increased independence to people who are blind, partially sighted have reading difficulties or reading fatigue - empowering them to study, to work, and throughout their daily activities.
  • All operation is processed offline, without requiring an internet connection - resulting in real time audio communication of vital visual information while ensuring data privacy.
  • AI-driven OrCam MyEye is meticulously designed with the needs of people who are blind, visually impaired or have reading difficulties in mind - and doesn't adapt, or rely on, a platform that isn't originally accessible.
  • OrCam MyEye is available in 25 languages, and in 50 countries.
  • Breakthrough assistive technology - pioneered by leading minds in the Computer Vision and Machine Learning fields - to deliver AI as a companion.
  • TIME Best Inventions 2019 list | CES 2018 Last Gadget Standing Winner & CES Innovation Awards

  • New interactive OrCam MyEye features include:
  • Smart Reading powered by natural language processing (NLP).
  • Orientation, to assist the device wearer with guidance and identification of objects. *Beta version
  • OrCam MyEye is wearable, wireless, finger-sized, lightweight, and inconspicuous.

    Size and Weight:
    Device: 22.5 gr/0.79 oz
    Device+Box: 553 gr/19.5 oz 76 x 21 x 14.9 mm/3 x 0.83 x 0.59 in

    Power: 3.7VDC

    Battery: 320mAH nominal

    Camera: 13Megapixels


    Available in more than 20 languages, including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Arabic, Mandarin, Japanese, and more. Go to the FAQ page for the full list of languages supported by OrCam. During the purchase process, the language installed on the device is dependent on the region where the purchase is made. Additional language support is continually released. If you do not see your desired language, send us your details and a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

    What's in the box?
    • OrCam MyEye 2
    • USB Power Adapter
    • USB Cable
    • Magnetic Mount
    • Case

    Differences Between the Smart and Pro Versions
    OrCam MyEye Smart Features: Reading, Smart Reading, Tell Time and Tell Date
    OrCam MyEye Pro Features: Full access to all features.

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    Fax to (574) 259-2102 or (574) 259-2103