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NovaVision Optometrist Pro Model

NovaVision Optometrist Pro Model

Please visit Nova Vision for information regarding the Vision Rehabilitation Therapy package consisting of the NovaVision Vision Diagnostic Test (VIDIT) and their NeuroEyeCoach (NEC) compensation therapy in one combined user-friendly program interface. Our Optometrist Pro Model enables patients to perform the therapy program in-clinic under supervision, or transition the patient to at-home computerized therapy.

What is VIDIT?

  • High-resolution visual field test that screens for central visual field deficits
  • Diagnostic test can be completed in 7 minutes
  • Quickly identifies the damaged area of a patient's visual field
  • Testing is done while the patient is in your care
  • Results are shown in quadrant format for easier interpretation and can be printed or emailed to store in patients records

What is NeuroEyeCoach?
  • Designed to improve visual search performance,navigation and object-finding skills
  • Systematic training program with 12 levels of increasing difficulty, adapts to patients' progress
  • Enables patient to perform program in-clinic under supervision, or can be completed at home
  • Designed to be relatively quick, it can be completed in 2-4 weeks
  • Supported by several decades of clinical research and studies, including key 3-center study Oct 2016, and is registered with the FDA

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