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Metronome (Solo)

Item #: MNA30


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Similar to our other electronic metronome but has ear plug outlet so VT patient can be using without bothering others in the same room! Great for in-office therapy when more than one patient.

• Includes 2 AAA batteries
MA-1 Highlights

• Multi-function compact metronome
• Beat-Counting display makes it easier to practice your rhythm and phrasing
• Choose from two types of tempo steps: pendulum steps or full steps
• Tap Tempo function lets you quickly set the desired tempo
• Beat display offers from 1 to 9 beats, plus 8 rhythm types to practice any style of music
• Tune any instrument using the 12 step (C4 – B4) chromatic reference pitch
• Adjustable calibration setting (410 – 480 Hz)
• Earphone jack with adjustable volume
• Memory backup function and auto power-off function
• Up to approximately 290 hours of continuous operation
• Includes 2 AAA batteries

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