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Hand Edger & Polishing Combination Machine

Item #: LY5D35WV

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This two-wheeled combination machine has both a cloth wheel for polishing edges of lenses and a fine diamond wheel for hand edging lenses. The lens edger wheel has both a flat and beveled area for ease-of-use. Even offices without a lab can use this instrument for when a lens comes in slightly too large for a patient's frame or with an insufficient bevel. Save patient inconvenience and make a more loyal patient. You can also replace a worn out hand edger with this exceptionally priced model.

This machine will pay for itself in just a few months!
• Used only for polishing and grinding.

• To avoid any injury, when the machine operates, please do not touch the grinding wheel or polishing wheel on the machine. Please do not use the machine when the power supply can't meet the requirements (voltage and frequency). You must make sure the details of the power supply your use. Do not put the machine at any place with high temperature or direct sunshine.

• If any liquid or material enters the inside of the machine, please immediately turn off the switch and pull out the power plug. The machine can't be operated again until it has been checked and repaired. Except the original parts of the machine, other part can't be assembled onto the machine. Do not overload the machine, and do not impact any part of the machine. If the machine is not used for a period of time, please pull out the power plug. During the operation, please maintain the water level of water tank and keep the surface of grinding wheel moisture.

• Before using the machine, please pull out the drawer type water tank and take out the water pump of water supply system. Fill the clean water to the highest water level of water tank and put back the water pump and close the drawer type water tank. Before using the machine for the first time, please take out the sponge in the sponge is fully filled with water, put it back to the original position and start using it.

• After the machine is used for a period of time, please replace the dirty water in the water tank with clean water to avoid blocking the water pump. When the grinding wheel has been used for a period of time, grinding fatigue will appear (failing to grind in). In this case, use the oil stone stick to recondition the wheel. While this is being done, open the water valve
Dimensions (L x W x H): 410 x 270 x 300mm (16.1"x10.6"x11.8")
Net Weight: About 7 kg (15.4LB)
Power Requirement: 220V/50Hz

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