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Low Vision Field Detector

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Item #: LVCD1


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Use this card for screening low vision patients to tell which part of their field is best for reading or which is their current preferred field---which may not be the same area.

Hold the card at a distance which reflects the power of the magnifier or plus lens the patient is viewing through.

If you ask "Read the letters that you see." They will first select the field where they prefer to view or are used to using. If you ask "Where do the letters appear the largest or sharpest?" The answer will reflect the area where they can see the best.

If no letter is readable to them, ask "In which color do the letters appear the sharpest or most normal?" You are looking for the field where the least distortion to their vision occurs. This is the area where they should be trained to use during their reading. If they can't determine the letters or the color, then ask them to circle the sharper letters with a pencil.
Material: Rigid White Vinyl

Size: 8.5" x 11"

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