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Kimwipes® - One-Ply (Size: 4.5" x 8.5")

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  • Kimwipes® (Box of 280)
  • Kimwipes® (Box of 280)

  • Item #: KIMWIPES

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Anti-static polyshield wipes with LintGurard. Cleans glasses in the lab better than kleenex. DON'T DISPENSE DIRTY OR SMUDGED GLASSES!

(280 1-ply white tissues.)

Push-Up Dispenser (Pictured) - Sold separately.

Quantity Discounts available on KIMWIPES for quantity of 5+.
Benefits of the Push-Up Dispenser are:

1. Kimwipes® pop up to the very last tissue. Ensures the top tissue never falls back into the box. No more digging for a tissue and coming up with a bunch, minimizing waste.

2. Accessible and portable. No fixed wall installation required. Put a Push-Up Box wherever ergonomically desirable.

3. Protects tissues from spills and moisture in the work area.

4. Single-piece construction. Injection molded high-impact polystyrene. No glued joints, no assembly required.

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Wiper Size: 4.5" x 8.5"
Product weight: 0.5 lbs. / box of 280 wipers

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