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Keystone Basic Binocular Test Set

Keystone Basic Binocular Test Set

Discontinued Product

See Bernell Functional Binocular Assessment Test Booklet (FBAT™) for a more robust, updated version.

12 special targets bound in a flip chart provide a simple means of determining the functional binocular vision of children.

Included are one test each for 1st grade binocular vision, paradoxical diplopia, retinal rivalry, vertical phoria, and fusional reserves; three test for the 2nd grade binocular vision; and seven test for the 3rd grade binocular vision. Also checks suppression.

All charts use pictures of interesting subjects.

Responses may be oral or by pointing.

The test are done with the child wearing anaglyph glasses and facing the examiner so his/her eyes are in full view. The test questions are on the back of the targets. It takes about 10 minutes to complete the test.

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