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Keystone Correct Eye Scope

Keystone Correct Eye Scope

Discontinued product

Click Here for a similar instrument from Bernell. The Bernell Advanced Cheiroscopic Trainer. Better design with reduced price point.

Keystone Correct Eye Scope

A Cheiroscope designed for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. Used with the Bernell Star Projection Forms and Cheiroscopic Tracing Forms. This instrument helps isolate perception problems. It is also excellent for diplopia, fusion, accommodation training, and the treatment of suppression. Works with transparencies as well as opaque materials may be used since the instrument has a flush mounted translucent screen built into it.

The supporting ledge strip for cards and sheets has a calibrated scale for making direct prism computations at various accommodation levels. Ground magnifying lenses provide binocular vision without accommodative or prismatic demand at the distant setting. The base adjusts to different angles for better patient postures. There are optional accessories that may be purchased through Bernell.

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