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How 2 Focus: Volume 1, 2 and 3

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  • How 2 Focus: Like The Pros - Volume 1
  • How 2 Focus: Like The Pros - Volume 1

  • Item #: H2FBKV1

  • $24.95

  • How 2 Focus: The Hitters Zone - Volume 2
  • How 2 Focus: The Hitters Zone - Volume 2

  • Item #: H2FBKV2

  • $24.95

  • How 2 Focus: The Pitcher's Zone - Volume 3
  • How 2 Focus: The Pitcher's Zone - Volume 3

  • Item #: H2FBKV3

  • $24.95

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How2Focus Series of 3 baseball books written by Dr. Bill Harrison with Ryan Harrison

Volume 1 - Like The Pros
Volume 2 - The Hitter's Zone
Volume 3 - The Pitchers Zone

Volume 1 - Like the Pros: This unique book will be an "Eye Opener" as you learn in depth key components of the "visual side of the game," and how it helps the mental and physical sides of the game. You will learn from Dr. Bill Harrison's 40-plus years of experience in athlete development with never before told stories about the San Francisco Giants, the Kansas City Royals, Edgar Renteria, George Brett, Angel Pagan, Frank White, Charlie Lau, Jack McKeon, Ewing M. Kauffman and Syd Thrift for the purpose of giving you insights that will you reach your performance goals.

Volume 2 - The Hitter's Zone: The Hitters Zone features narrative stories of interactions with numerous MLB players regarding effective techniques and approaches to improve your performance. Insights are given on the early training and development methods used by Hall of Fame star GEORGE BRETT that resulted in an approach which set him apart from other players. What worked with George initially in the 1970's is still helping players today. Included in the book are never before told stories and insights about how superstar BARRY BONDS became a visual genius; insights are shared on how SHAWN GREEN was able to perform in the zone and achieve great performance.

Volume 3 - The Pitcher's Zone: The Pitcher's Zone features innovative insights from interactions between the author and numerous MLB pitchers. In this unique instructional and somewhat historical book, techniques that can help you improve your pitching performance are emphasized. Included are never before told stories and insights about a young pitcher going from Low A minor leagues to the MLB in 9 months—MARK LITTELL; a historical .500 pitcher who became the Kansas City Royals first 20 game winner and an early inductee to the Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame—PAUL SPLITTORFF.


Dr. Bill Harrison is internationally known for his pioneering work in Sports Vision Science. His prolific and successful work with amateur and prominent professional athletes throughout the world has placed him in the forefront of his profession. He was educated at the University of California at Berkeley, receiving a Bachelor of Science in Physiological Optics and Doctorate in Optometry from the School of Optometry.

His work in professional baseball began in 1971 with the Kansas City Royals. Baseball Hall of Fame star George Brett was among the first players he trained. Since that time he has worked with 15 MLB organizations, and many NCAA baseball programs. Most recently he and his company have worked with the Toronto Blue Jays and 2014, 2012, 2010 World Champions San Francisco Giants. Among the coaches and baseball leaders who participated in his training programs were Jack McKeon, Syd Thrift, Rex Bowen, Branch Rickey, Jr, John Schuerholz, Charley Lau, Mel Didier, Harry Dunlap, Karl Kuehl and Bam-Bam Meulens. College coaches include Augie Garrido, Gene Stephenson, Bob Bennett, John Scolinos, Andy Lopez, Pat Casey and many others. Through the years he has worked hundreds of baseball stars including position players, Lou Piniella, Frank White, Rod Carew and Tony Gwynn in the 1980's, Sammy Sosa, Barry Bonds, Jason Giambi, and Shawn Green in the '90's; Carlos Beltran, Mike Sweeney, Sean Casey, Jose Guillen, Jonny Gomes, Raul Ibanez, Jayson Werth, Adam Dunn, Angel Pagan, Giancarlo Stanton, Rajai Davis and Hunter Pence in the 2000's. Pitchers include Paul Splittorff, Ron Bryant, and Bert Blyleven in the 1970's, Doug Drabek, Steve Trachsel, and Pete Harnisch in the 90's; Greg Maddux, Jason Johnson, Mark Hendrickson, Bronson Arroyo and Danny Graves in the 2000's; Daniel Norris, Aaron Sanchez, Justin Nicolino, Matt Boyd, Noah Syndergaard, and Drew Hutchinson in the 2010's. Many consider him to be one of this country's premier minds for sports enhancement as countless world-class athletes prepare for competition with Dr. Harrison's concepts in their training programs.
Volume 1: Paperback: 202 pages
Volume 2: Paperback: 204 pages
Volume 3: Paperback: 216 pages

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