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Computer Aided Vision Therapy (CAVT)

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A comprehensive software package for developing eye tracking, visual thinking, cognitive processing, and binocular vision skills.

Click here to download the CAVT brochure for more info

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Click here for the link to download Computer Vergences
Click here for the link to download Track & Read
Click here for the link to download Visual Info and Processing
Click here for the link to download Visual Thinking 101

*Important Note: This software is only available for purchase by eyecare professionals

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The Computer Aided Therapy (CAVT) suite consists of four modules:

- Module 1: Track & Read - Click here for module brochure

- Module 2: Visual Information Processing Skills (VIPS) - Click here for module brochure

- Module 3: Computer Vergences - Click here for module brochure

- Module 4: Visual Thinking 101 - Click here for module brochure

CAVT is a cost effective tool for adding a computer based vision therapy program to your existing therapy regiment. CAVT was not created as a stand alone software package for solving visually based problems. Rather, this software was designed as a tool to be used in conjuction with your existing non-computer therapy procedures. It can be a powerful adjunct to your practice.

What does Compute Aided Vision Therapy offer? Many, many features that put you in control of your patient's therapy program such as:

→AutoPacing can be used to control target Display Speed and Size during therapy. Using AutoPacing allows the activity to become easier or harder with each correct or incorrect response!

→Tired of sending expensive metronomes home with your patient that become lost or broken? Each Home Therapy Disk for each module contains a software metronome!

→Low Vision Applications: Using AutoPacing to control Target Size during therapy is a great way to challenge your low vision patients to see progressively smaller targets while building search, scan and eye tracking skills. These techniques also work well for amblyopes.

→Patients scores, statistics, and control parameters can all be printed for a permanent record of therapy progress.

→Target Color, Background Color, Contrast and Size can all be controlled by you!

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