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Computer Aided VT (CAVT) - Home Therapy Disks

Computer Aided VT (CAVT) - Home Therapy Disks

**This item has been discontinued

CAVT Home Therapy Disks

If you purchase the office version of the Computer Aided Vision Therapy Suite or any of the individual modules, Home Computer Disks (HTD's) can also be purchased for your patient's use. Home computer therapy can be an excellent supplement to any office therapy program. Patient motivation is high since most young people and even adults like to be challenged by a computer. Compliance is strong since the patient is motivated. And most importantly, compliance can be easily monitored since the patient will be returning to your office with detailed printouts of each home therapy session. The printout for each procedure includes the settings for the control parameters for the procedure, patient results and statistics, and the amount of time spent practicing each procedure.

*Important Note: This software is only available for purchase by eyecare professionals

Note: A link will be sent to the email used for ordering to download the software.

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