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Magnetic Stick Prism (Stick Included) - 37mm

Item #: GMP+

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The magnetically attachable handles are fast and simple to attach and detach. Strong rare-earth magnets hold the devices firmly on the handles, yet are easy to remove. Professionals can easily and rapidly attach and detach a series of prisms when working with patients to determine the best prism correction.
Size: 37mm

Available in: 0.5PD, 1PD, 2PD, 3PD, 4PD, 5PD, 6PD, 7PD, 8PD 9PD, 10PD, 12PD, 14PD, 15PD, 16PD, 18PD, 20PD, 25PD, 30PD, 35PD, 40PD, 45PD, 50PD

Replacement Magnetic Stick also available.

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