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Introducing GentleDrop - A revolutionary new way to use eye drops

GentleDrop is a silicone sleeve that rests on the nasal bridge and safely delivers eye drops. Developed by two ophthalmologists, GentleDrop is an easy and intuitive solution to a problem that has long plagued patients who struggle to aim their eye drop bottles.

In a recent study published in Ophthalmology Glaucoma 47 of 50 patients preferred using GentleDrop as compared to the drop bottle alone. GentleDrop also significantly decreased eye drop waste and bottle tip trauma against the eye.

GentleDrop is manufactured using flexible and biocompatible silicone in an FDA approved facility. It is compatible with nearly all5, 10, and 15 ml cylindrical bottles. GentleDrop is not compatible with ovoid, non-cylindrical, nor 2.5ml bottles. GentleDrop is reusable and washable.

Constructed of non-toxic Silicone, GentleDrop rests on your nose and delivers a drop with ease.

How It Works

• Clinically proven to increase safety and satisfaction for eye drop users.
• Optimizes bottle position
• Helps maintain cleanliness of bottles and reduces trauma
• Fits most conventionally shaped eye drop bottles.

Clinically Tested

GentleDrop has been clinically proven to increase safety and satisfaction for eye drop users. 47 of 50 eye drop users preferred the GentleDrop in a recent publication in the journal Ophthalmology Glaucoma.

How to Use GentleDrop

1. Slide GentleDrop over the thickest part of your eye drop bottle.
2. Rest the bottle on the bridge of your nose.
3. Tip your head back.
3. Use your other hand to carefully pull down your lower lid.
4. Squeeze bottle as you normally would.
GentleDrop is compatible with cylindrical bottles of 5,10, 15 ml.

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