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Polarized Solar Shields

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Item #: DSSP+
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  • Polarized Solar Shields - Color: Smoke
  • Polarized Solar Shields - Color: Smoke

  • Item #: DSSPZG

  • $22.95

  • Polarized Solar Shields - Color: Amber
  • Polarized Solar Shields - Color: Amber

  • Item #: DSSPZA

  • $22.95

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Polarized Solar Shields™

With maximum sun protection, the Polarized Solar Shields™ exceed the FDA and ANSI highest UV standards. Top and side shields provide up to 40% more sun protection than conventional polarized sunglasses. The unique design allows a comfortable fit over prescription glasses, and flexible temples adjust to fit all head sizes. Polarized lenses reduce glare on all reflected surfaces, and are hard-coated to resist scratching. Available in Dark Amber and Dary Gray tint.
Available in: Dark Amber and Dark Gray Tint

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