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Corrected Curved Prisms (48mm) - Fit Prism Goggles

Item #: CR48+

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48mm Corrected Curved Prisms. Each prism is sold individually.

These lenses are for adult prism training goggles. These make the horopter more realistic for the patient.

You can now choose to train without distortions and abberations for just a couple of dollars more.

Note: Prism diopter powers are listed per lens. For example, a 4PD goggle will have two 4PD lenses to make a 8PD range. So, 4PD goggle = 8PD range.

Available Diopters:

• 1PD
• 1.5PD
• 2PD
• 2.5PD
• 3PD
• 3.5PD
• 4PD
• 4.5PD
• 5PD
• 6PD
• 7PD
• 8PD
• 9PD
• 10PD
• 12PD

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