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Bernell Deluxe Red/Green Black Marsden Ball

Item #: BSMBRG2

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Note:We've enhanced the thickness and improved the adhesion of the material which the letters are printed on to improve durability.

A new "spin" on the classic Marsden Ball. These 4" diameter, black rubber balls include a smooth rotation ball-bearing hook on top. This allows for a very smooth 360 spinning motion or allows one to limit the natural rotation that occurred with the old balls.

The red/green design is ideal for anti-suppression training and cancels best with Bernell Red/Green goggles. The ball comes attached to a 12ft, black paracord string. This is a great addition to any therapy room!
• 12ft, black paracord string
• Adhesive hook
• 4" Black Ball
• Swivel and Ball-Bearings are custom made.
• Ring diameter = 0.5" approx.
• Weight: 0.42lbs

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