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Bernell After Image Generator

Item #: BERAI

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This unit produces a long-lasting after-image by flashing an intense image onto the retina to test and/or develop central fixation.

This easy-to-use hand-held unit provides immediate biofeedback information for both the patient and therapist. The device is powered by 2 AA batteries and requires minimal time to recharge the flash.

By having the patient close one eye, you can have them look directly at the center of the device with the open eye then flash the device. This action will cause an after-image that will project thru to the eye that was originally closed. By flashing with the device held in a vertical position onto the macula of one eye (with the other closed), then flashing horizontal image onto the macula of the other eye (again with the opposite closed) the patient receives visual feedback for proper retinal correspondence between the two eyes.

The included after image enhancer fan will help maintain the after image. Wave it slowly in front of your eyes, as close to your eyes as possible.

• Handheld After Image Generator
• After Image Enhancer Fan
Device Color: Black
Power: 2 AA Batteries (Not Included)

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