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Free Space Random Dot Card Set

Item #: BCFSRC1

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The random dot images will give a unique 3-D Image when properly fused. The card set consists of 12 images that range from 4 PD to 26 PD in 2 PD increments. Some images should stand out toward the viewer and some will go away when properly fused. Which images stand out and which go away, will depend on whether the subject is crossing their eyes in front of the targets (crossed or base-out fusion) or crossing the eyes behind the target (uncrossed or base-in fusion). The standard viewing distance is 40cm.

Two first degree fusion images are placed at the top of each random dot box. A square is on the left side and a X is on the right. As with most eccentric fusion techniques, the viewer must visually center the X within the square to have proper fusion. This is achieved by crossing or uncrossing the eyes. Once fused, slowly lower your view to the random dot boxes below and the images should appear. If you cannot achieve fusion when doing crossed or base-out therapy, it may be necessary to use an aid (such as a pointer or pencil) placed in front of the random dot images to stimulate the proper crossing of the eyes. For the uncrossed technique, imagine that your eyes are crossing at a point behind the booklet.

The answers (Hidden Images) of each random dot card is located on the backside of the card.
Material: Cardstock, non-laminated

PD Increments: 4 PD to 26 PD in 2 PD increments (12 Cards)

Answer Key: Cardstock, laminated

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