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Aperture Rule™ Trainer Kit (Color: Black)

Item #: BC1050BK

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The Bernell Aperture Rule™ Trainer Kit is a standard tool used in vision therapy programs to improve various aspects of of visual function, including low fusional and accommodative reserves, poor stereopsis, fixation disparity suppression, and tight accommodation-conversion relationship. It is perfect for individuals experiencing asthenopia and visually related learning problems. The trainer features progressive fixed demand and does not require polarized or colored lenses, making it easy to use. With a range of 30PD Base-Out to 17.5PD Base-In, this trainer is shipped in a protective corrugated storage box for added convenience.

Replacement parts are also available for the Aperture Rule™.
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The Bernell Aperture Rule™ Trainer Kit includes:
• A set of sports/action cards
• Single and double aperture sliders
• Red pointers
• A user manual
• A protective corrugated storage box to keep your kit safe and organized.

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