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Bernell Stereo Test Book - Near and Far Tests

Item #: BC1025

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Presenting the enhanced Stereo Tranaglyph™ Test Booklet, a comprehensive and efficient tool for evaluating binocular vision deficits in patients across all age groups. With thoughtful improvements such as tabbed title pages, streamlined test plate flow, and resilient pages, this booklet simplifies the testing process while delivering reliable results.

This versatile booklet includes three distinct stereo screening test variations: near stereo acuity, distance stereo acuity, and random dot gross stereopsis. The cover also serves as a quick binocular screening tool, featuring stereo images of shapes and figures at varying distances for added convenience.

Utilizing our proprietary transparent red and green inks, the booklet provides exceptional cancellation when used with the included Bernell Red/Green Filters. For your convenience, the answer key is located at the back of the book, ensuring easy access during testing. Enhance your optometry practice with the reliable, cost-effective Stereo Tranaglyph™ Test Booklet for binocular vision assessments.

The Bernell Stereo Test Book Contains Three Test Sections:

Near Tests Includes:
• Phase #1 (Large Sports Figures): 1500 seconds of arc, 1250 seconds of arc, and 900 seconds of arc
• Phase #2: (Small Sports Figures) 400 seconds of arc, 200 seconds of arc and 100 seconds of arc
• Phase #3: (Octagon with Circles) 800 seconds of arc down to 40 seconds of arc

Far Test Includes:
• Phase #1 (Top Line): 180 seconds of arc
• Phase #2: (Middle Line) 120 seconds of arc
• Phase #3: (Bottom Line) 60 seconds of arc

Random Dot Test Includes:
• Phase #1 (Random Dot Forms - Large Shapes): 800 seconds of arc, 600 seconds of arc, 400 seconds of arc, 200 seconds of arc and 100 seconds of arc
• Phase #2 (Random Dot Forms - Graded - Small Shapes): 400 seconds of arc, 200 seconds of arc, 100 seconds of arc and 50 seconds of arc
• Phase #3 (Random Dot Circles): 400 seconds of arc, 200 seconds of arc, 100 seconds of arc, 75 seconds of arc, 50 seconds of arc and 25 seconds of arc

Product Includes:
• One Pair of Bernell New Age Red/Green Goggles
• Product guide and answer key are printed inside the book

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Booklet Dimensions: 5.75" x 8"
Materials: Opaque Rigid Vinyl with Clear Spiral Binding

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