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Bernell Advanced Cheiroscopic Trainer

Item #: BACT

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The Bernell Advanced Cheiroscopic Trainer™ (BACT) is a modern solution that replaces the original cheiroscopes used in VT offices. The unit works in conjunction with Bernell Star Projection Forms and other cheiroscopic Tracing Forms to help identify perception issues. With this training unit, you can also train diplopia, fusion, accommodation, and suppression issues.

Our instrument is designed with a backlit focusing window that uses a dimmable light to control illumination during training, allowing you to use both opaque and transparent materials. Additionally, two knobs on each side of the unit enable you to adjust the angle for better posture while training, while a calibrated scale beneath the light window supports training cards and sheets and allows for direct prism computations at various accommodation levels.

The BACT includes a second headset at 16" for near-point training. With this product, you can expect a professional update to a commonly used product, with the added convenience of working on 110-240V and 50/60Hz for customers located outside of North America. Additionally, we provide several interchangeable foreign electrical plug formations for your convenience.
• Bernell Advanced Cheiroscope
• Extension Viewer
• 9 Durable Clear Vinyl Dry Erasable Slides (S1-S9)
• (5) 100 page padded booklets of Slides S2-S5 & S9 (VSPDD1 - Padula Diamond Drawings)
• Dry Erase Marker Set
• 2 Red Pointers
• Instruction Manual

• Cheiroscopic Trainer has dimmable LED Light Switch

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Slide Descriptions
• S1 - VO Star -140mm of Separation
• S2 - Graph - 140mm of Separation
• S3 - Graph - 150mm of Separation
• S4 - Graph - 160mm of Separation
• S5 - Graph - 170mm of Separation
• S6 - Star - Standard Fusion - 75mm of Separation
• S7 - Star - Missing Fusion - 75mm of Separation
• S8 - Star - 3D Fusion - 75mm of Separation
• S9 - Padula Diamond Drawing

Calibration of Stereoscope Shaft
C --> + 0.75 4 --> - 1.00
B --> + 0.50 5 --> - 1.25
A --> + 0.25 6 --> - 1.50
0-0 --> Plano 7 --> - 1.75
1 --> - 0.25 8 --> - 2.00
2 --> - 0.50 9 --> - 2.25
3 --> - 0.75 10 --> - 2.50

BACT - Bernell Advanced Cheiroscopic Trainer

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