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Cornea Eye Model

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  • Cornea Eye Model
  • Cornea Eye Model

  • Item #: AMCOREM

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  • Lens Stabilizer for Cornea Model
  • Lens Stabilizer for Cornea Model

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The Cornea Eye Model includes 5 interchangeable corneas that have the following conditions: Bullous Keratopathy, Fuch's Endothelial Dystrophy, Keratoconus, Recurrent Corneal Erosion and Map-Dot-Fingerprint type Dystrophy.

Cornea Eye Model

Many patients find current explanations about corneas difficult to follow and may be apprehensive about procedures or conditions they don't understand. These unique models of the human eye allow the doctor or technician to quickly and completely familiarize the patient with their condition.

The model is made of hard, durable plastic and measures 3.75 inches in diameter mounted on a slightly larger base.

Lens Stabilizer for Cornea Model

This neat little add-on stabilizes corneas on Cornea eye models to ensure the lenses will not easily fall out of the wells when the model is moved or used.

The Cornea Model is an excellent tool for demonstrating different types of corneal diseases. Recently, customer feedback has indicated that the wells which hold the interchangeable corneas are not very deep.

For some doctors, this is not a problem since the model usually sits on a desk. However, if the model will be used frequently or if it will be moved often, the corneas may fall out of the shallow wells. To solve this problem, we now offer the stabilizer. The stabilizer is compatible with the Cornea Model and it is easily installed. The stabilizer improves the model's aesthetic appeal while adding depth to the wells. The added depth provided by the stabilizer ensures the corneas will not easily fall out of the wells when the model is moved or used.

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