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Amsler Grid Book with 7 Tests

Item #: AGH801

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This booklet has seven Amsler Grids (see description below). It is made from durable Styrene plastic and has tabs so that the grids can be quickly located. A scoring sheet is also included.

Types of Amsler Grids found in this book:
• Standard black with White Grid
• Standard with Diagonals for Central Scotoma
• Black with Red Grid
• Black with White Dots
• Parallel Lines on Black
• Parallel Lines with Central Lines
• Standard with Small Central Squares

In addition to the Standard Grids, the Red on Black is used to diagnose a color scotoma. The White Dots Grid reveals a scotoma without distortion. The two Parallel Line Grids are used with patients needing a more simplified Amsler Grid and are presented both horizontally and vertically. Each of the Small Central Squares approximates 1/2 degree and is used for patients with small, central scotomata.

Book Type: Spiral Bound

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