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Anti-Suppression Bingo Game Set

Item #: BASGS1

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The Anti-Suppression BINGO Game Set was designed to be a reward activity at the end of a therapy session, but is also a great take home game for home therapy that can be played by the whole family! Just like regular BINGO, the game is played by drawing number balls and marking the player BINGO cards to get five numbers in a row vertically, diagonally, or horizontally. However, this set comes with special BINGO cards with numbers that disappear when viewed thru the red filter on the Bernell Red/Green glasses.
Set Includes:
• BINGO Cage with random ball selector
• (75) Number Balls
• (150) Colorful Plastic Markers
• Recessed board for showing which balls have been called • 16 Anti-Suppression Laminated BINGO Cards
• One pair of Bernell Modern Red/Green Glasses (unglued so that the filters may be switched)

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