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Racethe8s ™ Visual Learning System

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A hands-on, entertaining and visually stimulating activity, Racethe8s™ can be enjoyed by almost any individual. Racethe8s™ was created by Steven Kane, OTR, a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience.

Racethe8s™1 has two sides, each with a myriad of possible ways to use it. It can be held by the side handles creating a lateral movement of the balls or by the interior handles creating an anterior/posterior movement of the balls. One side of Racethe8s™1 is a more linear version of an 8 pattern, while the other side creates a 'wiggle' pattern of the 8 pattern.

Racethe8s™ 2 has two sides, each with a myriad of possible ways to use it. Use the side handles to create movement of the balls. One side of Racethe8s™2 is a labyrinth, an ancient pattern intended to create focus and attention to an 'inner world'. It has one way into the center and one way out from the center. The other side creates a 3 tracked pattern of the 8 pattern. This becomes an increasingly more difficult activity as you attempt to switch tracks in the middle or make the ball go around only one half of the 8 using a variety of tracks.

There are 3 rubber balls and 1 marble supplied with each Racethe8s track. This is intended to offer a variety of colors, textures and visual stimulation. The rubber balls create slightly more friction in the tracks, while the marble makes the action faster.

It is constructed using formaldehyde-free particle board and Zero VOC paint. It does require a "Warning! Choking Hazard: Not for use with children under 3. Adult supervision required" notification, as it uses small balls and marbles.
Racethe8s™ was designed to enhance:

→ Proprioception
→ Tactile perception
→ Visual-motor skills
→ Visual-perceptual skills
→ Attention and focus
→ Working memory
→ Oculomotor skills
→ Sequencing
→ Tracking and Convergence
→ Brain integration
→ Midline crossing skills
→ Bilateral Coordination
→ Balance
→ Strength
→ Endurance

It may be necessary to begin working seated at a desk, table or on your lap, initially just pushing the ball around the pattern with 1 finger at time, crossing midline if possible. A progression from there may be holding Racethe8s2 by the handles and using one of the balls while supporting the forearms on the desk. Next, may be standing in place, on 2 feet and then 1 foot, while moving the ball around the patterns. It may be performed in half-kneel or tall kneel. A further progression may be to walk in a straight line forwards, backwards and spinning around, then around and over obstacles. To make Racethe8s more complex, you may add cognitive tasks like spelling, math, have a conversation, tell a story, add a ball/marble, place your hands in different places under the board, use only 1 hand to hold the board, and name or look at various objects in different locations in the room as instructed.

As you can see, there is a multitude of ways to use Racethe8s as a therapeutic tool while having fun.

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