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Flexible Translucent Eyepatches

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Item #: BTEP+
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  • Flexible Translucent Eyepatches<br> (Pkg. of 6)
  • Flexible Translucent Eyepatches
    (Pkg. of 6)

  • Item #: BTEP

  • $50.95

  • Flexible Translucent Eyepatches<br> (Pkg. of 12)
  • Flexible Translucent Eyepatches
    (Pkg. of 12)

  • Item #: BTEP12

  • $99.95

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Pkg. of 6 or 12

This flexible translucent eyepatch allows the patient's eye to be seen during patching. This is useful during VT Training sessions as well as while patching as it allows the parent or teacher to monitor the position of the patched eye. The patch has small holes near the nose to prevent steam from obscuring the view of the patient's eye. The patient sees 20/400 or less through the patch. The patch is convex so that the eyelashes do not rub the inside surface.

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