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Ophthalmic Clinical Advisor: Diagnosis and Treatment (2nd Edition)

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Ophthalmic Clinical Advisor:
Diagnosis and Treatment

2nd Edition By: Myron Yanoff, M.D.

Provides expert recommendations and treatments of the conditions most often encountered by eye care poviders. The design of the book (including an alphabetical listing of each entity) permits easy, rapid access of information for both the ophthalmic practitioner and the student. The layout for each entity allows for quick confirmation of the diagnosis and management of each entity. Most important, the same format is used throughtout.

The information given is not designed to be encyclopedic, but rather is aimed at hitting the highlights of the entities described. Full-color photographs highlight many of the condition.

A distinctive feature of the book is the inclusion of key coding numbers for most entities, which can be most helpful in organizing patients' medical records and in billing.

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