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Vision Enhancing Trainer (VET) - Sports Vision 1

Vision Enhancing Trainer (VET) - Sports Vision 1

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Item #: VETS1


This new series of DVD's allows you to test or train saccades, central or peripheral awareness, hand-eye skills,visual memory, etc. Dvd's can play on a whiteboard or a TV. You can monitor user or you can send DVD home for practice. The DVD does not monitor or score user. However, therapist or parent can. Athletes may want to buy DVD's to enhance their own skills. Watch our website as we introduce new VT DVD's this year. TBI video coming!

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This video offers targets of footballs (Large), soccer balls (Medium) or baseballs (Small) displayed over the entire screen. Display times are 1 second, 3/4 second and 1/2 second with one second in between. Same timer system as above. Footballs are randomly are oriented vertically or horizontally. Soccer and baseballs are randomly colored. There are also three sequences with all three targets matched for medium size and randomly displayed and display time is sequenced in one minute intervals from 1 sec to 3/4 to 1/2. Many procedures can be invented for this dvd. Touch the footballs only and center target when other than football. Touch the footballs with right hand others with left. Touch footballs oriented vertically only.