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Vision Enhancing Trainer DVD (VET) General DVD

Vision Enhancing Trainer DVD (VET) General DVD

More Info Professional Pricing Available to Healthcare Professionals, Schools, & Government. Click on the blue info button for more details.
Item #: VETG


This new series of DVD's allows you to test or train saccades, central or peripheral awareness, hand-eye skills,visual memory, etc. Dvd's can play on a whiteboard or a TV. You can monitor user or you can send DVD home for practice. The DVD does not monitor or score user. However, therapist or parent can. Athletes may want to buy DVD's to enhance their own skills. Watch our website as we introduce new VT DVD's this year.

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TBI video coming! General Work This video offers white or blue targets. The user can choose eight different programs for central or eight for full field work. Targets are large or small and flash for one second, 3/4 second or 1/2 sec or mixed with all three. A timer on the bottom right tells how many seconds have passed for 60 seconds then restarts again at zero. Loop runs as many times as you want. The combination times marks off three minutes--one minute of one second flash then a minute of 3/4 second and then a minute of 1//2 second then continues as long as you want at 1/2 second. Blue targets are set for use with Red/Blue goggles and antisuppression training.