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Bernell Low Vision Demonstration Kit

Bernell Low Vision Demonstration Kit

Item #: LVDEMO

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Low Vision Demonstration Kit

A doctor needs various aids for the patient to try "hands on". Bernell's Demonstration Kit provides a good foundation for the practitioner to begin offering Low Vision with substantial savings over the cost of these items if purchased individually. Then, you may order the exact power or product for your low vision patient to suit his/her individual needs. The books are an excellent reference source for most low vision cases one would face and include sample letters, training sheets, and chapters written for the patient to read to better understand his/her own condition.

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Kit Includes:
→ TV Magnifier (MGETV)
→ The Low Vision Handbook for Eyecare Professionals (LVHBK)
→ Low Vision Distance Acuity Chart (LVDAC)
→ Near Card (LVCARD)
→ Magni-Rule™ (BLN8272)
→ 2.8x Stand Magnifier and Heads 4.7x, 7.1x, 8.7x (C7400, C7269/1,C7289/1,C7299/1)
→ Lighted Pocket Mags 4x, 5x, and 6x (A32-8125,8225,8325)
→ 4x Telescope (SE170)
→ Page Magnifier (DV1500)
→ 10D Prismatic Spectacles (MA)
→ 10D OptiVISOR® (DDA10)
→ Ezy-Vue Neck/Chest Magnifier (D875)
→ Telescopic Low Vision Sports/TV Specs (SE229)
→ 4" Round Magnifier (SV4)

Bernell Pay As It Earns™ Lease Program Terms:
→ Down Payment Due: $195 + Shipping & Tax (if applicable)
→ Lease Term: 12 months
→ Monthly Payment: $40.23/month

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