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Eye Wit

Eye Wit

Item #: HDDBEW


A hot-air balloon piloted by a Gypsy crashes in New York's Gramercy Park district. At virtually the same moment, Marco Fellini, wealthy art dealer and philanthropist, is murdered while target shooting in the private archery range atop his sumptuous brownstone.

NYPD's 13th precinct has its hands full with these two high-profile cases, and its prime trio of detectives—Lieutenant Dan Riley, the brilliantly obsessive-compulsive Lieutenant Zoran Zeissing, and Civilian Consultant Dr. Yoko Kamimura, the team's newest addition and Riley's on-again, off-again lover—need to solve the cases. Both of them. Right now.

Their investigations take the unusual trio on dizzying chases: over Manhattan's rooftops, through NYC's iconic National Arts Club, around Central Park—even under Manhattan's crowded streets—in hot pursuit of murderers as resourceful and determined as the detectives.

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