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PuzzleArt Module 2

PuzzleArt Module 2

Item #: PA2

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HELPS IMPROVE: • Binocular Skills • Visual Perception • Visual Discrimination • Spatial Relationships • Visual Memory • Visual Figure-Ground • Amblyopia • Accommodation • Letter and Word Recognition • Cognitive & Problem-Solving Skills • Creativity *Can be used for: Traumatic Brain Injury, Developmental Delay, Strabismus Therapy, Sports Therapy, Alzheimer's / Dementia, ADD / ADHD Fun for both patients AND therapists Colorful and abstract - Kids Love It Manipulatives that engage Good for baseline diagnostics Module 2 is suggested for age 6 and up. Four Grids, 3 x 3 Format Nine Pcs PuzzleArt 400+ Exercises ALL MODULES INCLUDE Instruction Manual, Assessment Forms, 2 pair special 3D glasses and Handy Carrying / Storage Case

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