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VISION COACH™ - Interactive Light Board

VISION COACH™ - Interactive Light Board

Item #: VC1150


VISION COACH™ The VISION COACH™ is a dynamic, interactive light board designed to promote and enhance visual function, muscular coordination, and neuromotor abilities.

The VISION COACH is used by the finest athletes in the world to develop and enhance critical sports skills. Most athletes focus on physical conditioning only and are missing a key component…VISION! The visual system is responsible for gathering over 2/3rd's of all information fed to the muscular skeletal system. Athletes' who train with the VISION COACH ensure complete conditioning for maximized performance in sports.

The VISION COACH may also be used for evaluation and assessment for Baseline and Post-Concussion Testing. A Baseline test is essential for the athlete to measure aspects of visual, motor and cognitive functioning and also offers a comparison to post injury performance. This information can aide in the decision making of the athletes' "return to play".

**This is a special order item. Actual freight is charged on this item due to size and weight. Please call for details.**

Click here to view the attached Sports Brochure on the VISION COACH™

* Optional - Lightweight Portable Sports Stand is available for $4,200.00 plus freight, allowing the unit to be used on an athletic field or placed in other locations where wall-mounting is not an option. Custom design and colors available.

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The VISION COACH™ is a versatile instrument with a wide range of applications. Among its many uses are the development, strengthening, and the enhancement of the following:


With its own internal software and micro-processor, no external connections are needed to run the unit. A USB port will allow your VISION COACH™ to upload future new programs and connections to optional external devices as they become available. Two blank spaces have been left at the bottom of the key pad for future applications. The VISION COACH™ comes with a wall mounted; counterweight slider which attaches to the wall for effortless height adjustment, allowing your VISION COACH™ to accommodate any athlete from floor to ceiling height. Once your VISION COACH™ is attached to the wall mounted slider, there is no worry of the board dislodging from the wall.

The VISION COACH™ has a solid, black, matte (non-glare)membrane with no visual cues and the ability to program red, green, or red and green lights with any program setting. Two pair of quality red/blue sports type goggles are included for binocularity enhancement.

The VISION COACH™ offers the following programs: Full Field, Reduced Field, Upper Left, Lower Left, and Left Side, Upper Right, Lower Right, and Right Side, Top Half and Bottom Half and a Sequential Pattern.

Eighty of one hundred and twenty lights on the VISION COACH™ have letters and numbers silk-screened from the back (cannot be felt ) and cannot be seen until the light appears. Included are a full set of upper and lower case letters as well as three sets of numbers 1-9. This allows for loading/cognitive training. Careful positioning of the letters and numbers have been placed in the sequential pattern for the education of reversals.

The VISION COACH™ gives you the option to program 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, 90, or 120 lights. An alphanumeric display is positioned in the upper right hand corner. This display will only light up during programming and at the end of each trial so as not to be a visual distraction displaying time (in seconds), scores, and late scores.

The VISION COACH™ has variable speed settings. With a speed setting of "zero" the light will not turn off until depressed. Speed settings of 1-11 will progressively appear faster and require a quicker response.

The VISION COACH™ comes with a "Fixator" light located in the center of the board and can be programmed "ON", "OFF", or "ACTIVE".

The VISION COACH™ comes with a one year parts and labor warranty and is made in the USA.

The VISION COACH™ interactive light board, wall mounted slider and two pair of red/blue goggles are included.

* Optional - Lightweight Portable Sports Stand is available for $4,200.00 plus freight, allowing the unit to be used on an athletic field or placed in other locations where wall-mounting is not an option. Custom design and colors available.

The VISION COACH is Wi-Fi compatible which allows the user to interact with tablets, PC's and printers via a wireless connection.

Note: This is a special order item, therefore is not eligible for return.

The VISION COACH™ is solid and lightweight, 37lbs. and 7/8" thick, measuring 50" x 34" with rounded corners for safety.