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Visagraph III™

Visagraph III™


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The Visagraph III™ is the culmination of over 70 years of eye-movement recording and reading research.

The Visagraph III™ is an objective measurement tool for evaluating reading efficiency (fluency). The reading characteristics that determine fluency are visual/functional proficiency, perceptual accuracy and information processing competence. These characteristics directly affect the ease and comfort with which we read and comprehend and are termed the FUNDAMENTAL READING PROCESS.

Through the use of infra-red sensors, an individual's oculo-motor activity is recorded while he or she silently reads an appropriate text selection with the Visagraph III™ goggles. Following the reading, a brief series of questions determines whether or not the subject reads with reasonable comprehension.

Eye-movement characteristics are automatically analyzed, and detailed reports that provide insight as to "how" the individual reads are then generated.


1. Refined Reporting & Management System

2. Browser-Based Stand-Alone, Network and Online Delivery

3. Online Data Comparison of Regional and National Norms

4. Increased Signal Strength Resulting in Improved Discrimination

5. Adjustable for Younger Students

6. Automatic Inter-Pupilary Distance Adjustment

7. Enhanced Reading and Non-Reading Simulations

Another Reference:
Dr. John Thomas of Wheat Ridge, CO, has said to direct anyone who has any question about the need for a eye muscle recorder as an optometrist to him. He has had several models of the Visagraph over the years and believes very strongly in their diagnostic as well as documentary value. He has been a witness in trials where he used a recorder to document improvement from therapy.

Visagraph Standalone's upgrade (version 5.6) that is now available to all for download.

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Available Languages: English & German

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Visagraph® Standalone Workstation Requirements Visagraph® Online Workstation Requirements Visagraph® Network Workstation Requirements
Operating System Pentium 1.0+ GHz Pentium 750 MHz (1 GHz recommended) Pentium 750 MHz (1 GHz recommended)
CPU Pentium 1.0+ GHz Pentium 750 MHz (1 GHz recommended) Pentium 750 MHz (1 GHz recommended)
RAM 512 MB (750 MB recommended) 256 MB 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
Hard Disk Space 25 MB free, + 50 KB per recording 25 MB free, + 50 KB per recording 25 MB free, + 50 KB per recording
Interface USB Port USB Port USB Port
Minimum Monitor Resolution 1024 x 768 1024 x 768 1024 x 768
Browser IE 6.0+ w/Java Sun Plug-in 1.6.0_21+ IE 6.0+ w/Java Sun Plug-in 1.6.0_21+ IE 6.0+ w/Java Sun Plug-in 1.6.0_21+
Required Software Version N/A Reading Plus® 3.6.6
Compatible Windows Operating Systems:
• Windows 7
• Windows 8.1
Bernell Pay As It Earns™ Lease Program Terms:
→ Down Payment Due: $495 + Shipping & Tax (if applicable)
→ Lease Term: 24 months
→ Monthly Payment: $107.68/month

Contact to request a lease contract.
Practice Management Tip:
Dr. Shearer does a eye movement recording when certain complaints or conditions are present in children. He doesn't fill out insurance papers, but charges the parents $35 for this evaluation which takes about 10 extra minutes. The actual testing can be done by an assistant with the doctor evaluating and explaining the results. There is even a bouncing ball that demonstrates to the parents where the child was looking at each instant while reading the test. This vividly displays all of the regressions and saccadic movements of the child. Just two tests a week will pay for the instrument and then will generate $3,500 each year in fees. This does not include the referrals fom patients and teachers who learn that this practice is interested in the detection and visual therapy of students with reading problems. Dr. Shearer's VT practice is busier due to the Visagraph.