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OCuSOFT® - Foaming Lid Scrub

OCuSOFT® - Foaming Lid Scrub

Price: $15.75
Item #: OCUFM+

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  • OCuSOFT® - Foaming Lid Scrub (1.68 fl. oz.) OCuSOFT® - Foaming Lid Scrub (1.68 fl. oz.)
  • $15.75

Available in limited quanitites

Original eyelid cleansing formula improves patient compliance & promotes proper lid hygiene . OCuSOFT® Lid Scrub removes oil,debris & desquamated cells which may cause eye irritation. Clinically trusted,non-irritating formula improves contact lens wearer comfort. Effectively removes cosmetics. Preserved for safety.

"I use this for all my blepharitis patients really kills the staph! This is the first lid scrub I've found that really works!!"

- Craig Andrews, OD

Available in: 1.68 or 7.25 fl. oz.

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