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Bi-Nasal Sector Occluder (VTE) - Streff Wedges

Bi-Nasal Sector Occluder (VTE) - Streff Wedges

Item #: E/JSW

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Bi-Nasal Sector Occluder (VTE)

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To determine the amount of nasal occlusion to use. Sector occlusion is a simple and effective way to eliminate much of the pre-fixation physiological diplopia which appears as a significant cause of patient confusion.

Bi-Nasal Sector Occlusion is an important treatment to help a patient trust where he/she is seeing which can determined by eye-hand localization testing. It is especially useful in helping an individual improve directional orientation as well as localization. A frequent observation is that they patient reduces confusion level, sometimes dramatically. They also improve where they reach and visually locate objects. Often it is valuable to reduce the amount of occlusion after a period of time before it is eliminated.

Streff Wedges comes in 1 black and 1 translucent flexible and washable plastic material.

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