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Nike has discontinued this product!
Nike has decided to discontinue the manufacturing of this product at this time. If or when Nike decides to sell it again, Bernell hopes to be able to provide it again to our customers. We had no complaints or problems with the product. If you want a strobe, please write a letter to Phil Knight c/o Nike at:
Nike World Headquarters
One Bowerman Drive
Beaverton, OR 97005
and petition him to release the strobes again. Please help us! Thank you!
-Craig Andrews OD
Bernell Corporation

The Nike Strobe prototypes have been tested in the field by professional and collegiate athletes for several years now. The results have been overwhelmingly positive. Most athletes have not wanted to return the loaned prototypes!

Nike has decided to discontinue this product and has not given any reason why they chose to do this. We are now out-of-stock and can not obtain more. If Nike changes and begins to sell this product in the future, we will plan to sell it again. The same thing happened with the Nike SST testing and training units.

Sports Vision has been practiced for over twenty years. Promoted by the American Optometric Association and its Sports Vision Section, many optometrists are working to improve the performance of their patients on the field. Sports Vision looks at the special visual needs of the athlete in different sports.

The first step we recommend is a professional eye exam by a doctor who practices Sports Vision. You can call the office of local optometrists and ophthalmologists and ask if they specialize in Sports Vision. Or you can go online to the and click on your zip code and that the doctor is in the Sports Section of the AOA.